Friday, March 30, 2012

Google background: MAMI

hohoho! i just changed my google background! pretty amazing huh? weeee! that's MAMI SASAZAKI of Scandal~! *love love*

2013 plan: Cosplay

i will cosplay Hani ( ouran highschool host club), momiji (fruits basket), Sakura (cardcaptor Sakura) and Yui (K-on!) this year and next year! <3 i'll start with yui then hani then sakura then momiji .. weeeeeee~

Scandal Japanese rock BAND (SCANDAL vs BUDOKAN)

This is Scandal. A japanese rock band!
they are my idols because they're pretty and they really know how to rock!!!!!
last March 28, 2012, they just had their greatest concert (so far) at Budokan! i wanted to go there and watch them play but unfortunately, i can't! oh well, at least the concert was a success .. :3

Someday, i'll meet and greet them in Japan! <3

It's Mada Omizaki

Hello everyone! i created a new blogspot!
i deleted the old one ...hahaha .. anyway, i'm back! please be nice to me!